Does Your Young Child Have A Vision Problem?

January 3, 2017

Preschool age is a critical time for any child to develop and learn. According to the American Public Health Association, 10% of young children have eye problems. The hard part is, getting early treatment as children this age will usually not express a vision problem verbally. Therefore, it’s important for parents to watch for any signs of vision problems, which can include:


– Sitting close to the TV to see

– Holding a book to close to eyes

– Light sensitivity

– Poor eye-hand-body coordination

– Avoiding hands on activities like coloring or puzzles

– Squinting eyes or tilting head when looking at objects

– Frequently eye-rubbing

– Shorter than normal attention span

– Turning of an eye (in or out)


If any these signs are present and there is a concern, then contacting an eye care provider for a comprehensive vision exam is recommended.