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Here are a few answers to the most common questions

  • If I have a Discount plan, do you have a list of what I will owe when I visit the dentist?

    Yes, click the appropriate link to see a sample of the member fees for the Utah Silver Network or the Texas Silver Network. For a full list of fees, please contact our Customer Care team.

  • If I have a Co-pay plan, do you have a list of what I will owe when I visit the dentist?

    Yes, click these links to see a sample of the co-pays. Select these for the Utah Gold Network or the Utah Platinum Network. Select these for the Texas Gold Network or the Texas Platinum Network. For a full list of co-pays, please login to Dental Select’s portal.

  • When necessary, where should claims be sent?

    Claims Adminstration
    PO Box 851917
    Richardson, TX 75085

  • What services are included in my deductible?

    Preventive services are not typically included in your deductible.  ADA Code D0140, Emergency Exam, is not a preventive service.  Please refer to your summary of benefits included in your ID card booklet.

  • Will my implants be covered?

    Implants are cosmetic.  They are not covered unless stated in the group contract.  Refer to your summary of benefits included in your ID Card booklet.

  • As a current Dental Select member, can I choose to enroll on an insured Vision Plan?

    Insured vision plans are only available if your employer included one of these plans in your Dental Select benefits portfolio.  These are comprehensive, insured vision plans that offer a variety of benefits.  Contact your employer benefits administrator for details.

  • I want to cancel my coverage through my employer. What forms do I need and where should I send them?

    Contact your employer’s benefit administrator to request a plan cancelation.  All eligibility rules will apply.

  • What is a “Missing Tooth Clause”?

    Any missing tooth lost prior to Dental Select coverage will be subject to a three year waiting period before paying any benefit for the service in question.

  • I received my ID Card and benefit booklet, am I eligible for coverage?

    Your eligibility is subject to the effective date determined by your employer and any new hire waiting periods.  If you are unsure, please check with your employer benefits administrator or a Dental Select customer care representative before seeking services.

  • When will I be able to use my benefits?

    Effective dates may be subject to a new hire waiting period, per your employer’s contract.

  • What are my benefits if I choose to see a specialist rather than a general practitioner?

    Benefits will vary according to your plan and are subject to terms and conditions of the policy. Services when choosing a contracted specialist will be reimbursed as follows:

    After the deductible is met, Dental Select will pay according the contracted fee schedule. When using a contracted provider, it is not guaranteed that all charges will be covered under the policy. Prior to services, Dental Select recommends contacting a Customer Care representative at 800-999-9789 to verify eligibility and benefits.

  • Will physical ID cards be mailed? How do I order replacement ID Cards?

    ID Cards will be mailed and arrive approximately 7 – 10 days from the time Dental Select receives the enrollment or change form.

    If an ID card is lost, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-999-9789. ID cards can also be immediately available for download through the Dental Select mobile app or by logging into the member web portal.

  • Do you have a Mobile ID card option?

    Yes! Dental Select offers a mobile ID card app that is available for all covered family members. The app allows quick access your dental and/or vision plan information quickly and conveniently. Members can also search by zip code for a dentist in their area and  email a copy of the card to be included in their patient records.

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Understanding the Affordable Care Act

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Dental Select strives to keep you informed of any changes that will be made and what choices you will have. If you have further questions regarding the ACA and how it will impact your dental or vision benefits, please contact your Dental Select Sales Executive.

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