Here’s a fact: dental insurance is too complex.


It shouldn’t be, but too often it is. And from time to time, we’ve been guilty of falling into that trap. Who said this was acceptable? (No one.) Why have we put up with it for so long? (Umm, I dunno.) At Dental Select, we’re over overcomplicated. We laugh at complexity because we know there’s a better way and that simplicity is so much smarter.

That’s why over the next few months, we’ll be introducing a bold rebranding of Dental Select. Our new look reflects our commitment to simple benefits and a customer experience powered by technology.

In our logo, we’ve deliberately kept the word “Dental” in our name. We offer other types of insurance, but dental is where it all started. We also invite you to “Select” and take a journey with us because in the digital world, the hyperlink is the obvious way to know you’re going somewhere new.  And, the “cheeky grin” symbol reflects what we want every customer to do every time they interact with us—smile. When was the last time your insurance company made you do that?

Since we started out in 1989, we’ve grown by doing things differently. Succeeded by offering affordable benefits and great service. And taken great strides to continuously make experiences even simpler.  As we expand nationwide, the challenge to provide service that doesn’t just merely satisfy our members, but instead delight them, only grows.

A lot has changed in almost 3 decades, but not our commitment to simplicity—simplicity that makes you smile. It’s who we are. It’s who we’ve always been. And this is how we show it.

Welcome to the new Dental Select.