Planning Ahead for Patients with Special Needs

When it comes to dental exams and procedures, patients with special needs may require a little extra care and planning. Although most dentists can accommodate for special needs, there are things you can both consider to help plan ahead for your patient’s appointment. To help you get started, we’ve put together a checklist of things… Read more »

Discount Dental

Is a Discount Dental Plan Right For You?

Discount dental plans are tailored to individuals and families who do not currently have dental insurance and are looking to save money on their dental care needs. A discount dental plan is not an insured plan. Instead, it’s more like a membership where you get instant access to savings on services like exams, cleanings, x-rays… Read more »

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Discount Vision

Enrolled on Dental? Save Big on Discount Vision.

We know you are already enjoying your dental benefits, but are you taking advantage of your vision discounts too? With every Dental Select Dental Plan, you will receive the EyeMed Discount Vision Plan automatically – and for no cost. So how do you redeem your vision discounts? That’s easy. First, look up a participating EyeMed… Read more »

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Dental Plan

5 Reasons to Keep Your Stand-Alone Dental Plan

Thinking of embedding your dental plan with your medical plan? Sure it sounds easier –  maybe even more convenient, but sometimes the easy choice isn’t always the best choice. There is a lot of value in having a stand-alone dental plan. Here are our top five reasons you should keep your traditional dental plan: 1…. Read more »

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Bad breath

10 Ways to Beat Bad Breath

No one likes bad breath. Not only is it unpleasant and embarrassing, but it usually means there’s a bigger problem inside your mouth. Causes for bad breath (also known as halitosis) can include: build-up of oral bacteria, dry mouth, gum disease and smoking. Although bad breath is a common problem among U.S. adults, it’s usually… Read more »

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Dental Select Hires New Sales Executive for Texas and Oklahoma

Dental Select is excited to introduce Jessica Smith, our new Sales Executive for the Dallas-Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and West Texas areas. Jessica graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in December of 2008. After receiving her diploma as an Aggie, Jessica began her career in the insurance industry in… Read more »

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Dental Select Hires New Sales Executive for State of Utah

Dental Select is excited to introduce Stephanie Fitzgarrald as a new Sales Executive. Alongside Jared Tuia, she will be serving various clients throughout the Utah market. Stephanie has worked in various roles over the past 11 years, with a strong focus in account management. She brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise to our sales team. In… Read more »

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Dental Fillings: What’s the difference?

If you’ve had a cavity before, chances are your dentist treated the decayed area of your tooth with a filling. Fillings are a common procedure that helps restore teeth back to normal functionality and shape. Nowadays, there are many choices when it comes to types of dental fillings. Two very familiar types are amalgam and… Read more »

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Dental Select

Brokers: 10 Reasons to Choose Dental Select

As an insurance broker, we know you have many options when it comes to choosing a carrier. So why choose us? That’s simple – we make selling easy. There are many reasons to recommend Dental Select to all your client groups. Here are 10 of them: 1. Large nationwide network. With over 200,000 access points… Read more »

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Electric toothbrushes

Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes: Pros and Cons

Now that we know the many benefits that brushing can provide, what kind of brush do you choose? Manual or electric? Although a manual toothbrush is sufficient to effectively clean your teeth, you may find the benefits of an electric toothbrush enticing. Let’s cover the pros and cons of using an electric toothbrush to help… Read more »

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Teeth whitening

10 Teeth Whitening Tips

 Brush Up Your Confidence A sparkling, white smile can make a lasting impression and boost your confidence.  Yes, we all long for a whiter, brighter smile. So bid farewell to yellow, stained teeth because here are 10 teeth whitening tip to keep you smiling for days. Follow These Steps For a Brighter Smile: 1) Schedule a… Read more »

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