What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a system that sends your claims electronically creating a more efficient process for your practice.


Electronic transmission of dental claims has proven to be an effective way to speed claims processing. Dental Select also accepts attachments and other supporting documentation electronically to further expedite the electronic claims process via NEA. You can learn more about NEA by visiting their website at www.nea-fast.com.

EDI is an exchange of all types of data between the insurance company and the provider. By submitting your claims electronically your practice will see a considerably shortened turnaround time for claim payments and a remarkable reduction in postage and labor costs.


Benefits of Sending Claims by EDI

  • Faster Payments
  • Reduced Accounts Receivable
  • Reduced expense for labor
  • Paper & Postage
  • Increased clarity & quality of claim information
  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Elimination of manual processes
  • Automates routine transactions

Popular Data Exchanges and their Transaction Numbers

EDI 837 File – Claim files are sent electronically rather than being printed and mailed or faxed
EDI 835 File – Remittances, attachments, X-rays, charts, DICOM, etc.

EDI is Easy

All you need to get started is…

A computer, an internet connection, and billing software such as practice management.

Creating a File

Practice management software vendors and/or claims clearing houses provide tools that create files using data from your billing system.

Transmitting a File

Payers are able to recieve files via their network. Their network can be used to transmit files to payers and partners. Connected vendor clearinghouses also offer access to national payers.

Recieve and Review Reports

Payers, clearinghouses, and practice management vendors provide various reports that allow you to track the transmission of your electronic files.

Getting Started

Option 1

Contact your practice management software vendor for details.

Still Have Questions?

Call a Dental Select Customer Care Representative at 800-999-9789 for personalized assistance.

Option 2

Contact a Dental Select approved clearinghouse through one of the links below:

APEXedi – 800-840-9152 or sales@apexedi.com
ANS edi (Secure EDI) – 800-417-6693 x234 or Dentistinfo@ANSDirect.com
Emdeon – 888-255-7293 or DentalSupport@emdeon.com
Tesia-PCI – registration@tesiasupport.com
DentalXChange – 800-576-6412 ext. 455