For Seniors 55 and Up

As the name implies, Senior Dental Solutions are just that, a dedicated line of senior products to fill the gap left for those who are transitioning into retirement. Most insured senior products do not include dental or those that do are average at best. These new senior dental plans offer unique features and are unlike any others offered. We are committed to provideing the finest senior insurance guidance and service possible. We are “committed to your peace of mind”.

Special Waiting Period Feature

A Member’s waiting period, if any, will be reduced by the number of months the Member was covered by the prior plan with proof of coverage effective dates that are within the previous 24 months.

Plan Features Include:

  • Include your spouse and any unmarried children up to age 26
  • Includes adult and child orthodontic discount (in-network)
  • Covers preventive care at 100% (in-network)
  • Discount vision plan is included
  • Freedom to choose any dentist