We work with over 200,000 access points across the nation to provide the highest-quality, most convenient dental care possible. No matter where you are in the US, there’s sure to be a Dental Select network dentist near you. On our plans, remember that you can change or choose your dentist at anytime. Start by looking here.


Once you are enrolled, we give you easy access to plan documents, ID cards, personal information and claims information through our member web portal. Click here to see where you will log in.


Your employer has coordinated with us to determine how and when your premium will be collected. Usually, you will see the authorized amount as a deduction from your payroll check. Check with your employer’s benefit representative to see how premiums are set-up for your company.


Want to know how much a procedure will cost before your dental visit? Dental Select can help you know before you go. Simply request a pre-determination of benefits from your dentist’s office and they will contact us for you. We will send both you and your dentist a cost estimate before you even sit down in the dental chair.

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Here are a few answers to the most common questions

  • How do I enroll in EFT?

    Contact ‘Change Healthcare’ at 1-866-506-2830, or visit

  • When necessary, where should claims be sent?

    Claims Adminstration
    PO Box 851917
    Richardson, TX 75085

  • How do I submit an address change?

    Address or other contact information changes may be submitted in writing directly to our Corporate Office via fax, mail or email. Please locate the contact information below.

  • How do I request a plan to be closed to new patients?

    You may elect to close a plan or plans at any time to new patients. All requests must be submitted in writing on your company letterhead and are effective immediately upon receipt of notification. You may fax, mail or email your requests. Please locate the contact information below.

  • How do I terminate network affiliation?

    All requests must be submitted in writing on your company letterhead. There is a 90 day termination period during which time the provider is responsible for contacting all existing patients who may be affected.  Upon receipt of the termination request, the Provider will no longer be listed in the Dental Select Provider Directories for that specific plan or plans. You may fax, mail or email your requests – please locate the contact information below.

  • How do I add a plan to my affiliation?

    You may add a plan by contacting your Professional Relations Specialist or our Corporate Office for an additional plan contract. Contracts may be faxed or mailed. Please locate the contact information below.

  • Dental Select recently added new plans. Why?

    Due to the rising cost of medical insurance premiums, many companies are choosing to shift to voluntary plans paid by the employee or are eliminating dental coverage completely. These new plans offer additional dental plan choices without reducing your total reimbursement, allowing patients more options and access to dental health benefits.

  • Do I have a representative that can assist me with issues?

    All Dental Select Preferred Providers have a personal Professional Relations Specialist assigned to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. Please call a customer care representative for your area’s specialist at 800-999-9789.

  • How do I obtain an Administrative Guide?

    You may download one from our website in the Forms section above. You may also request one from our Corporate Office by calling 800-999-9789.

  • How do the fee schedules work?

    The Total Fee columns on your Fee Schedules designate the Total Contracted Fee for any plan on that Fee Schedule. This column is used to calculate benefit percentages for the co-insurance plans. Additional information on the fee schedules can be found on the Plans Overview document or in your Administrative Guide.

  • How will I know what plan my patient is on?

    Your patient’s ID card will specify the Fee Schedule (Network), plan type, and other plan specific information, such as options and deductibles.



Does your company have more than 10 people enrolled on your dental plan? Then you may qualify for our MaxRewards feature. For no additional cost, Dental Select will increase your maximum benefit until reaching a $2,000 maximum. Your dependents can receive the same increases that you do. So the longer you stay on a plan, the more you can accumulate for your dental needs. Ask your benefit representative is MaxRewards is a part of your employer’s dental plan today.

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