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Effective January 1, 2021, Dental Select’s business will transition to Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and “Ameritas” will be the sole insurer and underwriter of the policies Dental Select administers. This means the current Chubb policies for each of your groups will be terminated on December 31, 2020 and with your help, their policy will simply be transferred to their new carrier, Ameritas.

We ask you to please notify your groups of this event, and we also ask all brokers and your fully insured groups to digitally sign a group application by November 13, 2020 accepting their new policy. In the unlikely event that one or more of your groups have current benefits that will not be 100% supported by the new products insured by Ameritas and administered by Dental Select, we will very soon send you out additional communication to notify those group(s) and what options we have to retain their business.


We’ve made this easy for you!

On October 12th, you will receive a DocuSign email to begin the rewrite process. If you have multiple groups with Dental Select, you will receive multiple emails via DocuSign. Each DocuSign email will include a unique link to a pre-populated group application. Here, you will designate a group benefits administrator, so please have current contact information handy. Then you’ll sign as the broker and submit. Once submitted, your work is done and will be passed on to the group benefits administrator to complete.

Next, the specified group benefits administrator will receive the group application to complete their assigned fields, and then sign. Upon completion you will both receive a downloadable copy of the new group application. From there, we can review the form and update the rewrite status.


But, we need your assistance.

Before the deadline, we ask that you assist each group with completing their assigned fields in DocuSign. To communicate and prepare them for their part of the process, please feel free to use this email template (open) PDF download to send to groups ahead of time. It will let them know why this is happening, what is expected of them, and when they will need to submit by.

For each of your groups that submit their application before the deadline, you will receive a $25 bonus. This $25 will be included on your end of year commission statement. If you want to check the status of each group application, feel free to reach out to us.


We’re here to help.

To further assist you, we’ve included some additional resources and detailed information. We strongly encourage you to review the timeline and overview, how to video that describes the reapplication process, as well as answers to frequently asked questions (open) frequently asked questions" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> PDF download. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us.


Timeline and Overview

October 12th

You will receive an email from Dental Select via DocuSign to begin the process.

Your next steps:

  • Expect a DocuSign link in your inbox to a group application for each of your groups.
  • Choose one individual as the group’s administrator and include their name and email address.
  • Review your assigned fields and sign.
  • Submit. Your work is now done.

Your groups’ next steps

  • Next, we will forward the group application to designated group admin.
  • Group admin will review prefilled fields, sign and submit.
  • All signers will receive a copy of the completed application.
  • We will review form and complete the remaining fields before updating rewrite status.


November 13th
  • Deadline to have each of your groups sign a group application.


December 1st
  • Rewrite packet mailing will be sent out, which will include the new policy and certificate as well as instructions on how group members will be able access updated ID cards that reflect Ameritas as the new policy underwriter. No other information on the ID cards will change.


If you have questions, please first check out our frequently asked questions (open) PDF download. For further assistance, please reach out to your Sales Executive or by calling Customer Care 800-999-9789.

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