Log in to your new provider portal

If this is your first time logging in, use your Ameritas source code from an Ameritas EOP and follow the prompts to register. If you do not know your Ameritas source code, please contact customer service at 800-999-9789 or customercare@ameritas.com.

In the portal, you can access a range of features, including the updated provider guide, sample ID cards, fee schedules, patient benefit information, EOP statements, pre-treatment estimates, claim status, the new claims address, and payor ID.

How to navigate the portal resource center

1. Access patient benefit information

Select “Find a Member” at the top of page. Then, you can search for a member in three ways:

ID & Name
This is on the ID card or may be provided by the patient.

Claim number

Date of birth, name & state
This option works best if the member does not have their
ID card.

Ameritas Provider Portal home page with the "Find a Provider" link highlighted.
ID cards with name and member ID highlighted.
Sample ID cards

2. Locate the benefit summary

The comprehensive summary page will provide the plan number and procedure detail, including frequency.

Procedure details can be accessed after selecting “Benefits Summary” on the next page.

Thumbnail of sample procedure detail page.

Sample Procedure Detail
Click to enlarge

Member search page with "Benefit Summary" link highlighted.

3. Retrieve patient details

Patient details will display an overview of the member, including member name, current status, plan sponsor, plan number, and coverage type.

Patient details can be accessed after selecting “Patient Details”.

Thumbnail of sample patient details page.

Sample Patient Details
Click to enlarge

Member search page with "Patient Details" link highlighted.

4. View claims

You can review pretreatment estimates and claim status for claims submitted on after June 30, 2023.

Member search page with"Claims" link highlighted.

5. Download contracted fees

Access the fee schedules for your existing contracts, or download them into Excel in order to help you update your office records. Activate the dropdown menu and select “Contracted Fees” to download.

Dental Select fee schedules accessed from the provider portal will list the total provider fee. The Copay Plan fee schedules will be mailed annually.

Member search page with hamburger menu dropdown open with "Contracte Fees" highlighted.

Become a Provider

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