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Who We Are

Headquartered in Salt lake City, Dental Select is committed to enhancing the member experience through innovative technology and a customer-centric approach. We are a family of over 100 employees who all believe that simplicity is the key to good benefits.

With customizable plans available throughout the United States, Dental Select also has one of the largest nationwide networks. And with vision plans supported by VSP or EyeMed, members have access to leading national retail outlets as well as a whole lot of private practitioners. Oh, and did we mention we have great employees too? In short, what you’ll get from us is a commitment to simplicity that makes you smile.

Our Story

Dental Select’s story goes back to 1989 when the company’s founder packed up his life into the back of a Dodge van and moved to the United States from Canada. Shortly after settling in Salt Lake City, he saw a need to make access to dental care simpler and more affordable. In the thirty-four years since, we’ve grown from the humble beginnings of a bootstrapped company operating out of a small apartment, only offering a dental discount program. In 2020 were acquired by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., and today, we market dental and vision for groups and individuals, serving thousands of members across the country. We’ve grown beyond the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains and continue to be driven by our passion for providing accessible and affordable dental and vision care to all.

As was the case back in 1989, insurance is still too complex, too frustrating, and too expensive for too many individuals. But Dental Select has always grown when it refuses to accept the status quo and does things differently. And while the company has come a long way, it’s still a young and hungry group committed to that original vision of simple benefits.

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