Discount Vision Plan Included

As an added value to employees, a discount vision program is included with every dental plan. Or, you can opt for an insured vision plan to increase the total value of your benefits package.

Customize Almost Everything

Nearly every plan feature can be customized to create a plan as unique as each group. Dual plans are also an option for the group who wants even more choice.

National Network Access

With more than 200,000 provider access points across the country, employees can choose the dentist they want.

MaxRewardssm For All

Our MaxRewardssm feature offers groups of 2 or more enrolled, increasing maximum benefits, over time, to a maximum of $2,000.

Plan Summary



Includes routine exams, cleanings (2 per year), topical fluoride (14 & under), and x-rays.
Plan pays 100%
After deductible - Fillings, extractions, and oral surgery.
Plan pays 80%
After Deductible - Includes crowns, bridges, dentures, endodontics, periodontics.
Plan pays 50%
50% of Reasonable & Customary
Applies to Basic, & Major services.
$50 per member/ $150 per family, per calendar year.
$50 per member/ $150 per family, per calendar year.
Maximum Benefit
Applies to Preventive, Basic, & Major services.
$1,000 Per member/per calendar year.
$1,000 Per member/per calendar year.
Orthodontics (Optional)
Or can now be quoted with 2+ enrolled. Adult + Child Ortho plans available. Children 18 and Under $1,000 Lifetime Maximum. Waiting periods may apply.
Plan pays 50%


Which networks can I use?

We can provide quotes for our Gold and/or Platinum networks.

When is my plan effective?

Most plans begin on the first of a calendar month. However, if you need a mid-month start we can accommodate that. Simply let us know your preferred effective date when you request a quote.

Who can I include on my plan?

Eligible employees and any legal dependents, age 26 and under.

Does my plan include Vision?

Yes. EyeMed Discount Vision is included with every dental plan.

Additional inclusions for Seniors

Not applicable for Employer plans.

What if I require specialist services?

Members can refer to our fee schedule on all services from in-network specialists.

Where can I find a copy of my plan brochure?
To which services does my deductible apply?

This can be customized as part of a quote.

Plan Highlights

  • Customizable plan benefits
  • Annual Maximum increments up to $5,000 or Unlimited (where available)
  • MaxRewards available for groups 2+
  • Adult & child Orthodontic benefit options
  • Implant benefits available
  • Self-funded plans available
  • Dual option plans available
  • Nationwide dentist network access


Plan Exclusions

Important Notice: This information is a brief description of the important features of the insurance plan. It is not a contract of insurance. The terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in the policies issued in the state in which the policy was delivered. Complete details may be found in the policies. The policy is subject to the laws of the state in which it was issued. Chubb NA is the U.S.-based operating division of the Chubb Group of Companies, headed by Chubb, Ltd. (NYSE: CB) Insurance products and services are provided by Chubb Insurance underwriting companies and not by the parent company itself.