5 Individual Groups Who Need Dental Benefits

April 9, 2020

Now that we’ve covered how and why you should set up your Individual Plan Link, it’s time to start reaching out prospects. Because numerous individuals miss the opportunity to enroll through an employer, many people are simply waiting to sign up for benefits on their own. Who you ask? Read on, because here are 5 groups of people who are frequently looking for a good individual dental plan:


  1. Seniors. Particularly those who recently retired and lost their benefits. Seniors over the age of 65 experience a higher rate of gum disease and need good dental care more than ever.
  2. Recently termed employees. Those who left their job, or if their spouse left their job. Several Americans are also in between jobs, but they will still need benefits.
  3. Students. Or children who are too old to stay on their parent’s plan. Most have had benefits up until now, and will need to continue the appropriate care.
  4. Small business owners (and their employees) who do not offer dental benefits. If a company cannot offer group benefits, many individuals may be open to an IDP plan instead.
  5. Independently employed individuals. Personal trainers, party planners, photographers, childcare providers, writers, translators are a few examples of the various self-employed occupations.


So what are you waiting for? With countless individuals waiting to sign up on a good dental plan, start learning more about our IDP plans here.