Baby teeth

5 Tips for Baby Teeth Removal

December 13, 2017

Does your child have a baby tooth that’s loose? You might be surprised that the old “string on the doorknob” trick, isn’t recommended. That, as well as many other creative methods, can lead to extreme pain and agony. Not to mention, pulling baby teeth too early can cause significant bleeding and vulnerability to infection. So what’s a parent to do? Don’t fret – we can help. So go ahead and remove the string from the doorknob and read these five guidelines for wiggly baby teeth:


1 Make sure it’s loose first. If It’s just slightly loose, it’s best to leave the tooth alone. Once it becomes wigglier (when the root dissolves), have your child wiggle the tooth (not pulling or twisting, just back and forth motions).


2Try numbing first. To avoid some discomfort, you can first use ice cubes or a popsicle on their gums.


3 – Ask your child if they want to do it themselves. Children will know their own pain tolerance, and sometimes it’s best if they pull out their own tooth. This will help reduce the amount of pain and likeliness that a tooth comes out too early – this of course depends on age too.


4 – Only help if necessary. Assuming there is no pain and that the tooth is ready, you can use a piece of tissue to firmly grasp and pull the tooth.


5 – Ask your dentist. If you aren’t sure, it doesn’t hurt to consult with your dentist first as they will know the best course of action for your child.


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