Celebrating Small Business Saturday

November 22, 2016


Small Business Saturday, one of America’s fastest growing events, is almost upon us. With shoppers being urged to buy locally, this special event falls the Saturday after Thanksgiving and celebrates small, local businesses. So how does this relate to your own business? It’s all about opportunity. So while consumers may be scouring the sidewalks for sales, it’s your chance as a broker to visit local shops and promote lasting benefit possibilities.

Small organizations hold major potential to expand your book of business. Did you know that most small businesses aren’t aware they can sign up for group benefits? As a Dental Select broker, you are able to sell our products to groups as low as two employees – yes, down to two. This opens the door for easier and endless chances to grow your client list. And we all know, that many small groups, can add up to big time commissions.

Many small businesses are intimidated by the insurance process. They need the advantages that an independent broker, like yourself, can provide. Running a smaller company takes a lot of work. Without a dedicated human resource representative, these organizations typically want someone to walk them through the process, explain the plans and show them their options.

Lastly, small groups often opt out of dental benefits because they assume it’s expensive and that employees don’t want dental insurance. With your expertise, they can quickly learn how our dental rates are affordable, that their employees actually do want these benefit offerings, and that oral care is a priority among most American families.

So get ready, get set and mark your calendars. Because on November 26th, this small business Saturday is your big opportunity. Contact a Dental Select representative for small group information or to request a quote today.