Think E-Cigarettes Are Safe For Your Teeth? Think Again.

October 9, 2018

Many smokers are under the impression that battery-operated devices (vaping, electronic cigarettes) are a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes; however, recent studies now show that E-cigarettes could be just as harmful as regular cigarettes.


Recently published in the journal Oncotarget, the study explained how researchers at the University of Rochester in New York exposed nonsmokers’ gum tissue to e-cigarette vapors. Results showed that the vapors present in e-cigarettes cause inflammation, negatively affect cell regeneration and could potentially damage the cells located in gums and the oral cavity. In fact, E-cigarette vapor killed 53 percent of mouth cells in three days. Short-term data also shows that vaping can impact lung health, damage blood cells and increase risk of heart disease.


Be aware that because there isn’t tobacco, it does not mean there isn’t nicotine. So any problems that come with nicotine are still present when vaping.


As a reminder, nicotine reduces blood flow to your gums, making it difficult to keep your gums healthy. Gums will eventually start receding and eventually die off. Nicotine also hampers saliva production which will only means more bacteria and more chance of tooth decay.


And while more data is needed to show all the side effects from E-cigarettes, it’s important to also note that studies have shown that smokers were three to six times more likely to suffer from advanced gum disease than nonsmokers. So the best way to keep your gums healthy, is not to smoke at all.


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