Frequently Asked Questions

No action required until June 30, 2023

While it is possible to register and create a portal account before June 30, please note that it may take some time for all your Dental Select information to become visible. Our team is actively working on the data transfer process to ensure completion. Over the next few days, we expect the remaining details to be accessible in the new administration platform. We appreciate your patience and kindly ask you to check back.

Creating a new portal account is easy. Beginning June 30th, click here to log in to review the instruction page, then click the "Broker" button. Next, you'll use your new Ameritas ID to create your portal account. If you already have an existing Ameritas account, you can simply sign in, and your Dental Select client information will be there.

You should have received a letter from us with your Ameritas ID number located at the top. Beginning June 30th, you will use this number to access your Dental Select client information in the Ameritas producer portal. If you can't find your letter, not a problem. Please contact us at 800-999-9789.

Your commissions will be paid by Ameritas through direct deposit or EFT if this is your current form of payment. Otherwise, we'll send a check to you. If you'd like to sign up for EFT payments, this can be taken care of easily in the Ameritas portal.

Individual Coinsurance plans will be available through the new MyPlan platform and available in most states beginning June 30th. We'll also be launching insured vision with both EyeMed and VSP options. Copay products for Utah and Texas will be available in August, 2023.

All your favorite Dental Select branded plans, including copay, coinsurance, and vision are still available with the flexibility you're used to. Our integration with the Ameritas systems now opens the door for us to offer an expanded suite of ancillary products and find the right mix of benefits for your clients.

No, current individual rates will stay the same and existing clients will be reissued a new Ameritas certificate that will arrive in early July. New clients will purchase their plan through the MyPlan platform with ZIP-Code based rates.

Nope, no changes here. The current Dental Select new business group quoting and renewal processes will remain the same. In-force group plan rates will follow the regular renewal review.

Starting June 14th, your Dental Select link for individual plans will be inactive. Keep an eye out for a welcome email from Ameritas that includes your new personalized shopping URL to access the new MyPlan enrollment platform.

You'll notice the Ameritas logo on new ID cards, commission statements, invoices, explanation of benefits (EOB), forms, checks, and transactional correspondence. Also, customer reporting packages will align with Ameritas processes and branded output options.

A few changes are happening.

  1. Ameritas will reissue your groups a new policy that clarifies benefits and how they will be administered.
  2. All members will be issued a new Ameritas ID card that will arrive in early July.
  3. Groups will receive an Ameritas branded Benefits Administration Guide with updated contact and process information such as the timely filing period for claims will change from one year to 90 days or as the state requires. And, dental claims will follow the Ameritas utilization review process.
  4. Just like you, your groups and their covered employees will be required to set up a new portal account.
  5. Lastly, the provider search on will redirect to to best align for network expansion. Members can verify their dentist's network status by using their new card once it arrives.

Yes. We've already let dental network providers know about the upcoming ID card changes to ensure a seamless transition.

Yes. New registration will be required to access their new policy, Benefits Administration Guide, and certificates in the Ameritas portal.

Yes. New registration will be required to access plan information and a new plan certificate in the Ameritas portal. Only plan members will have full access to benefit and claim information. Their adult dependents may create separate accounts for access to general benefit information.

Starting June 30th, they can simply click here, follow the prompts, and use their new member ID to create a new Ameritas portal account. Once they create an account, they can access plan information, benefit summary, and ID card. For a copy of the group policy, employees can reach out to their company's benefits administrator.

You, your clients, and their covered members can find updated forms at

Yes. Depending on state availability, group members can save on prescription medications and hearing care through non-insurance savings programs offered by Ameritas. Find out more in the new Ameritas member portal.

The Dental Select app will be temporarily unavailable beginning June 30th, 2023, while we work on enhanced functionality and connection to the Ameritas administration system. In the meantime, group members can access benefit information in the Ameritas member portal.

For any inquiries regarding claims submitted before June 30th, members can reach out to our Customer Care at 800-999-9789.

Kindly advise your employees to be on the lookout for their new ID cards arriving in the mail. From June 30th onwards, they can create an account on the Ameritas portal by clicking here, following the prompts, and using their new member ID to set up their new Ameritas portal account.

Yes, both Dental Select and Ameritas will ensure that all group and individual policyholders, as well as group members, receive notifications regarding relevant changes.

The changes will take effect on June 30th, 2023.

Starting June 5, 2023, the Dental Select Exchange on Employee Navigator will transition to the Ameritas system. A large effort to convert the existing groups on Employee Navigator from the Dental Select system to the Ameritas system will be happening behind the scenes. From June 5 to June 16, enrollment updates can be completed in Employee Navigator, however those updates will not be transmitted to the Dental Select nor Ameritas systems while this conversion effort is in progress. Beginning June 19, all enrollment updates will be caught up and sent to the Ameritas system.

For your questions, feel free to reach out to your sales representative, send an email to, or contact the Policy Services department at 800-999-9789, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT. Group Benefit Administrators can also direct questions to, or contact the Policy Services department at 800-999-9789. Group Members should connect with their company benefit administrator, or send an email to or connect with a Customer Care representative at 800-999-9789.