Why EyeMed with Dental Select?

From eye exams to ordering vision correction materials, with an EyeMed vision plan, members can feel confident choosing from more than 98,000 leading vision providers and retailers.

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EyeMed Plan Features

  • Declining balance on contact lens materials (may be used on multiple purchases within the same benefit period up to the maximum allowable).
  • Contact lenses AND eyeglass lenses available in the same benefit period on VIS 8 and VIS 12 plans.
  • Eyeglass frame benefit available regardless of lens choice.
  • Members also receive a 40% discount off additional complete pairs of prescriptions eyeglass purchases and 15% off conventional contact lenses once the funded benefit has been used.
  • 20% off non-prescription sunglasses and accessories.


Generally our lowest cost option.

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Our most robust vision plan.

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VIS 12

An all-around good choice with minimal copays.

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VIS 21

Plenty of coverage, with a $130 annual allowance for frames and $150 allowance on contacts.

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Members can order new or replacement lenses and simply apply their in-network benefits at ContactsDirect.com. No more hassle of visiting a store, no phone calls, and no forms are needed. Lenses ship to the members home as soon as the prescription is verified, with 98% of orders shipping the same day.

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If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re gonna love the Glasses.com award-winning try-on app to virtually test out your glasses on your own face, three-dimensionally. And if that isn’t enough, choose the Home Try-on option to try them on IRL (In Real Life) before you finalize your purchase.

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Network Access

The EyeMed Vision Care network includes access to 98,000+ independent practitioners and retail providers at 25,000+ locations. Thousands of providers are available at more than 25,000 retail locations offering the brands you want like RayBan, Dolce & Gabana, Oakley, Prada, and Coach.


Group Safety Eyewear Program

EyeMed vision groups can take advantage of the IndustrialEyes Safety Eyewear Program. For companies in a variety of businesses that require safety eyewear, this valuable discount program ensures that those needing vision correction can use the proper eye care when performing hazardous actions.

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