Frequently Asked Questions

No action required until June 30, 2023.

While it is possible to register and create a portal account before June 30, please note that it may take some time for all your Dental Select information to become visible. Our team is actively working on the data transfer process to ensure completion. Over the next few days, we expect the remaining details to be accessible in the new administration platform. We appreciate your patience and kindly ask you to check back.

A few changes are happening. We will reissue a new policy to you and mail new ID cards to your covered employees. You will access your Benefits Administration Guide and new plan certificate in the Ameritas portal, and new registration will be required. Also, the provider search on will redirect to and includes current provider search options. The timely filing period for claims will change from one year to 90 days or as the state requires. Lastly, dental claims will follow the Ameritas utilization review process.

Yes, dental network providers have been informed about the ID card changes to ensure a smooth transition.

Yes. New registration will be required to access your new policy, Benefits Administration Guide, and certificates in the Ameritas portal.

Yes. New registration will be required to access plan information and a new plan certificate in the Ameritas portal. Only plan members get full access to benefits and claims, but adult dependents can create separate accounts for general benefit information.

Creating a portal account is easy. Starting June 30th, if you already have a Dental Select portal account, you'll receive two emails from to activate your new Ameritas portal account. They will state, "You recently signed up for access to our eServices system." First, you'll get registration instructions, and the second will provide the authorization ID needed to complete the process.

Beginning June 30th, you can copy and save this link. They can then follow the prompts and use their new member ID to create a new Ameritas portal account. Once they're in, they can access plan information, including the plan certificate, benefit summary, and ID card.

No, your current annual renewal process will not change.

No, rest assured, your current rates will not change.

Starting June 5, 2023, the Dental Select Exchange on Employee Navigator will transition to the Ameritas system. A large effort to convert the existing groups on Employee Navigator from the Dental Select system to the Ameritas system will be happening behind the scenes. From June 5 to June 16, enrollment updates can be completed in Employee Navigator, however those updates will not be transmitted to the Dental Select nor Ameritas systems while this conversion effort is in progress. Beginning June 19, all enrollment updates will be caught up and sent to the Ameritas system.

You'll spot the Ameritas logo on new ID cards, explanation of benefits (EOB), forms, checks, plan utilization reports, and general correspondence.

You and covered employees can grab updated forms at

Yes. Depending on state availability, your covered employees can save on prescription medications and hearing care through non-insurance savings programs offered by Ameritas. Get all the details in the new Ameritas member portal.

The Dental Select app will be temporarily unavailable beginning June 30th, 2023, while we work on enhanced functionality and connection to the Ameritas administration system. In the meantime, your covered employees can access benefits information in the Ameritas member portal.

Please reach out to our Customer Care at 800-999-9789. They are happy to help with any information you need on claims submitted before June 30th.

Once you've activated your new Ameritas portal account, you'll have access to the updated Benefits Administration Guide. Take a peek to review updated contacts and document submission information. Your reissued policy will also have a new policy ID, which you can find in your Ameritas portal account and on your Ameritas branded invoice.

Please ask your employees to keep an eye out for their new ID cards in the mail. Beginning June 30th, they can also create an account on the Ameritas portal. Simply copy and save this link. Then they can follow the prompt and use their new member ID to set up their Ameritas portal account.

The changes will take effect on June 30th, 2023.

You and your covered employees can contact us via email at or by phone at 800-999-9789, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT.