Vision FAQs and Key Terms


Q: How often do I need an eye exam?

A: Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, it is recommended to see your vision provider once a year.


Q: Who can I call for assistance?

A: Customer Care is responsible for all phone inquiries including eligibility, benefits, ID card requests, updating information and addressing claims issues. To contact, please call 800-999-9789 Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).


Q: When can I change or cancel my plan, including adding or deleting dependents?

A: You may make changes to or cancel your plan during your group’s open enrollment, or if there is a qualifying event such as: marriage, divorce or legal separation, birth of a child, loss of employment, new employment, or death of insured.


Q: How do I find and choose a vision provider?

A: Click here to find a provider, then scroll down to find a vision provider in your area. You can choose and change your vision provider at any time.


Q: How soon will I get my ID cards?

A: ID cards will be mailed to either the member or employer, as specified, and will arrive approximately 7 – 10 working days from the time Dental Select receives the enrollment or change form. If you lose your ID cards, they can also be accessed through the Dental Select mobile app or by logging into the member web portal.


Q: When can I start using my benefits?

A: There are no waiting periods for vision benefits. Your benefits can be used on the first day of your effective date.


Q: How do I submit a claim?

A: When visiting a contracted provider, they will submit a claim on your behalf. For a non-contracted provider, please visit the member’s section at Click on forms to locate the EyeMed Out- Of-Network Claim Form.


Q: Is LASIK or PRK covered?

A; You will receive a 15% discount off the retail price or 5% off the promotional price for LASIK or PRK when visiting a contracted provider.

Key Vision Terms

Bifocal Lenses: corrective lenses for both far away and up close vision correction.

Claim Form: A standard form most commonly submitted by providers that requests a payment of benefits for services provided.

Conventional Contact Lenses: non-disposable contact lenses designed for long-term use.

Co-pay: The fixed dollar amount required at the time when service is rendered.

Dependent: A child or person for whom another person such as a parent or relative may claim a personal exemption tax deduction. A dependent is a member but not the subscriber on the plan.

Effective Date: The date insurance coverage starts.

Eligible Dependent: A dependent of an insured person who is eligible for dental coverage.

Eligible Employee: An employee who is eligible for benefit coverage, based on the requirements of their employer’s dental plan.

Member: Any individual enrolled and covered by a Dental Select plan. Both the subscriber and the dependent are considered members.

Member ID: A unique number assigned to identify an individual covered by a Dental Select plan.

Open Enrollment: the period of time when eligible employees and their dependents can enroll or make changes to their Dental Select plan.

Subscriber: (Also known as employee): The person whose employment makes him or her eligible for group dental benefits. All others enrolled on the plan are dependents.

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