Kids need braces? Orthodontic coverage is available for children 18 and under.

Short Waiting Periods

Our shortest waiting periods available on co-insurance plans. Receive all preventive benefits within 6 months and comprehensive coverage within 15 months.

Low Annual Deductible

Our lowest annual deductibles at $50 per individual and/or $150 for a family.

Vision Coverage

All members are also covered by the EyeMed Discount Vision plan included at no cost, offering discounts at top vision retailers nationwide.

More Savings

Additional discounts are available on teeth bleaching and cosmetic services.

Senior Plans

Specialized senior plans are available for seniors 55+.
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With Dental Select Co-Insurance Plus, you'll enjoy all of the benefits of our standard co-insurance plan, plus shorter waiting periods and lower annual deductibles. Each plan also includes a 50% orthodontic benefit for children aged 18 and under.

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Includes cleanings (2 per year), exams, fluoride (14 & under) & x-rays


100%of Fee Schedule

Includes fillings & oral surgery


80%of Fee Schedule


Includes crowns, bridges, periodontics, endodontics & dentures


50%of Fee Schedule


Per effective date year. Applies to all services.

$50 / $150per person / per family

Per member, per effective date year. Applies to services excluding orthodontics.

$1,000of which $500 per year can be used for Major Services

Children 18 and under

50% Insured(After 20% discount in Utah & Texas)

Children 18 and under

$500 per year$1000 lifetime maximum

Adults 19+

20% DiscountUtah & Texas only. Discounts may be available in other states. Please contact your preferred provider for details.


Insured: 24 MonthsDiscount: None

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