Build Your Own Dental Emergency Kit

March 30, 2021

You likely have a medical first aid kit already, but what about a dental emergency kit? Although dental emergencies are common, most people do not think of putting an at home, oral emergency kit together. You never know when a dental emergency will happen, and an at home kit can provide quick treatment for the time between the accident and the dental chair. Whether it be a severe toothache, loose crown, lost filling, cracked tooth, or mouth injury – it never hurts to be more prepared.  


So, before you can see your dentist to help with your emergency, these are some great items to have on hand. 


Dental Emergency Kit Items: 

  • Tweezers: for those hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Gauze: if a tooth is loose or knocked out, gauze is helpful to use in its place. 
  • Topical Pain killer: like an oral analgesic, to help with pain or injury.  
  • Cotton balls or q-tips: to help apply medication or clean the area. 
  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen: can help reduce pain temporarily. 
  • Floss: in case something gets wedged between the teeth.  
  • Disposable Gloves: to keep things sanitary. 
  • Temporary cavity fillings: if your filling falls out, you can buy these at the drugstore. 


As a reminder, any tooth that is chipped, cracked or knocked out could be considered a dental emergency (the reason being is that it could become infected). So even if it doesn’t hurt, the nerve inside could be damaged. Give your dentist’s office a call immediately, to see what the next step should be. And before your appointment, keep your mouth and tooth as clean as possible by rinsing with warm water. Use caution if you chew something so it doesn’t not chip more. In most cases, it’s best to cover a broken tooth to avoid exposure to bacteria. 


And if you are on vacation with a dental emergency, there is no need to worry with a Dental Select plan. We offer nationwide coverage to help our members anytime, anywhere. Click here for tips on traveling with benefits.