Four Reasons to Offer Group Dental Benefits

May 7, 2021

It’s no secret that employees value benefits, and that better benefits can increase loyalty. A company that shows a genuine interest in their employee’s well-being can be instrumental to success. And if this isn’t reason enough, we’ll give you some more. Here are our top 4 reasons to offer group dental insurance to your employees.


Save on Dental Costs

Without dental insurance, your employees may not be prepared to cover the procedure costs on their own. But with affordable dental benefits available, there’s no need to put your employees in this situation. Plus, we have negotiated rates with our contracted dentists, meaning they can expect lower costs from our highly credentialed providers. Your employees will have less out of pocket costs and added benefits, with things like discount vision and cosmetic discounts included. And with preventive care available through your dental plan, routine services will help keep expensive procedures and issues at bay.


Provide A Healthier Workplace

Oral health can play an important role in overall well-being and can promote a healthy workplace. Believe it or not, dental work can directly impact your employees, and consequently, your company’s operations as a whole. Whether someone experiences a minor toothache or a major dental problem, oral issues can account for lack of productivity, missed workdays and poor employee morale. This can lead to increased costs for your company. And with the majority of adults having a cavity at least once in their lifetime, it’s likely that most of your employees can benefit from having easy and accessible dental care. At Dental Select, we believe that good oral health is essential for creating a healthy, happy workplace.


Give Access to Preventive Care

Research shows that without dental benefits, proper exams and preventive care tend to be ignored and unfortunately, this may end up costing your employees more with expensive procedures down the road. But with access to quality benefits and dental care, their teeth can stay healthy and last a lifetime. When your employees utilize their Dental Select benefits, preventive care is included. That means twice a year checkups and cleanings that can help protect them from dental problems and diseases.


Better Overall Health

Did you know that poor dental health can also affect overall health? It’s true. Research has shown a strong association between poor dental health and other serious conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, mouth cancer, pneumonia and stroke. So, when an employee starts neglecting their teeth, they could be increasing their risk of experiencing other health problems.



Ready to get started? To learn more about our available dental plans, click here. With plenty of features and discounts, you’ll feel confident about choosing your group’s perfect dental plan.

And if you aren’t sure what’s included in your current company’s dental plan, give us a call or contact us. We’d be happy to review it with you and answer any questions. Together, we can encourage a well-established oral care routine that can help lower the risk of serious diseases, avoid costly dental procedures and keep your company healthy.