Choose an In-Network Dentist for More Savings

March 5, 2021

With many elements to consider, we know that choosing a dentist can be difficult. Are they located close by your home or work? Do you have specialized needs that may be better suited for a pediatric dentist, orthodontist or periodontist? What is their availability of appointments? And lastly, are they in your network? These are all important things to pay attention to before scheduling your appointment.


Why Choose an In-Network Dentist

To get the most out of your dental plan, we encourage using an in-network dentist for lower out of pocket costs, full preventive service coverage plus additional discounts on other services. That’s why, we recommend checking your plan summary or ID card to see what network you are on first. And with 360,000 access points nationwide, you can be confident that you’ll find a great provider near you. Now you can still use an out of network dentist, and you can change your dentist any time, but staying in network will give you even more savings.


Finding A Provider

We might also suggest meeting your new dentist for a consultation to see if they are a good fit. Take a list of questions you may have, and see how you feel before scheduling your dental procedure.

You can search for a dentist through our provider search here. Select what type of provider, enter your zip code. Next, you can filter results by network and specialty. Once selected, give the office a call and check appointment availability. You can also use the provider search through Dental Select’s mobile ID app.