5 Questions to Ask your Dental Broker

March 8, 2021

When it comes to shopping around for dental insurance, there are many upsides to working with a broker. Brokers want to find the best plan for your company. This is important because it can help avoid paying for the wrong plan or benefits that your company may not need. Not only will you save on costs, but you eliminate the need to spend time researching benefits on your own. So, as you sit down to discuss your options, there are a few questions your company should be prepared to ask. Let’s go over some of them.


Q: What plan choices do we have?

Brokers have a broad understanding of offerings and key benefits; they are experts in the dental plan industry. With this valuable knowledge, they will present you many options that you may not find otherwise. Brokers also work directly with insurance companies so they will work diligently to help fulfill your needs.


Q: What can we get in our price range?

Brokers will listen to your needs, help you determine a price range and then find different dental options to fit your needs. Ever get frustrated trying to pick the right insurance plan? They will help. Using a licensed broker can help you get a policy that covers everything your employees want, in the budget that works best for you. They can even advise you on how best to customize your policy in ways that you may not be aware of on your own.


Q: How will you make the enrollment process simple?

The last thing your company needs, is an enrollment nightmare after you’ve chosen your plan. But when you work with a Dental Select broker, you can be confident that enrollment will be a cinch. We like to give options, so we offer 4 enrollment options to gather the information we need.

  • Manual enrollment, which will require each employee to complete a paper enrollment form.
  • Electronic EDI Enrollment, which requires submitting an 834 HIPPA compliant file for upload.
  • Web Portal Administration, which requires an initial 834 file upload and then manual group administration via our web portal.
  • Spreadsheet Enrollment, which requires an excel spreadsheet that will be emailed for entry into our system.

From there, we make processing this information simple and streamlined. You can learn more about group enrollment, here.


Q: How are renewals handled?

You will want to ask your broker how the renewal process is handled. Each year, we review the efficiency and cost controls of every dental plan so that we can continue to provide simplified benefits, exceptional service and affordable dental care for everyone. Renewal information will be supplied in a timely manner, well before renewal dates.


Q: Will we have plan support after enrollment?

After you have selected your plan, the service doesn’t end there; brokers’ services can continue post-enrollment. Whether it be a payment dispute, billing question, or assistance with a renewal brokers, they should stick by your side and assist your organization throughout your contract. This is the type of service you can expect from a Dental Select broker.


So what are you waiting for? Want to take a look at our plans? Check them out here.