Dentist Out of Network? Here’s How to Refer Them

February 10, 2017

Choosing a dentist can be as difficult as choosing a life-long companion. We know it’s an important decision and a pretty big commitment. That’s why we keep things simple by letting you select or change your dentist – anytime you’d like. And, in the event that your first-choice of dentists hasn’t signed up with us yet, you can nominate them to join.

Our already strong network of more than 200,000 dentist locations experiences growth yearly.  And because we strive to have top-ranked dental providers in every area, we welcome any suggestions for new dentists. Contracting with Dental Select is an easy process that can take as little as two weeks. So do you know of a great dentist that is missing from our network? We encourage you to refer them. Here’s how to get started.


1. Visit our member page

2. Click on the refer a provider form

3. Enter your name and phone number

4. Enter the dentist’s name that you’d like us to contact, plus their address and phone number

5. Hit submit


All referrals are handled immediately, and the more information that is included on the referral form, the faster processing will be. Next, a Dental Select representative will personally contact their office for more information. After we collect the information we need, including their contract with us, we can enter them into our system. Please be aware that there are instances where a dentist chooses to not join a network.

For status updates, please feel free to check with your dentist or by calling a Dental Select representative at 800-999-9789.