Retire from Your Job, Not Your Benefits

March 3, 2017

Planning on retiring soon? Now may be the time to start thinking about how to handle your health benefits. Many seniors consider dropping their dental insurance due to financial reasons. But research shows that without these benefits, proper visits and preventive care tend to be ignored. Unfortunately this may end up costing you more with expensive procedures down the road. With quality benefits and dental care, your teeth can stay healthy and last you a lifetime.

Did you know that poor dental health can also affect your overall health? It’s true. Research has shown a strong association between poor dental health and other serious conditions, including: heart disease, diabetes, mouth cancer, pneumonia and stroke. Understanding the connection between your health and your oral health is the first step to protecting yourself (and your retirement savings) from these issues. Take the worrying out of how you will continue to receive dental care by enrolling in a good dental plan.

Check out our senior plans designed for adults aged 55 and older. Preventive care is covered at 100%, which means cleanings and exams are covered twice a year. With features like discounts on vision and hearing, you’ll feel confident switching from your employers benefits while keeping your teeth young and healthy.

Other features include:
• 100% preventive care coverage
• Dentures & periodontics covered at 80%
• Enroll children up to age 26
• Discount Vision Plan included
• Connection Hearing discount included