Dental Select Wins Merit Award for ‘Best on a Budget’

May 17, 2019

On April 11th, Dental Select won a Merit award in “Best on a Budget” category for the design of the new headquarters. This award was given by the International Interior Design Association Best Awards (Commercial Interior Design Association), which recognizes exceptional design in the Utah Region.

Dental Select partnered with Method Studio, a full-service architectural and design firm downtown Salt Lake City to design the new space. Method’s Senior Associate and Project Architect, Kim Webb was very pleased with the award.

“I really enjoyed working with the creative energy of Thomas and Dave,” she said. “The project wouldn’t have been so successful without their input and collaboration to create the best space possible and to stretch every dollar.  It was also refreshing to see Brent and Jennifer’s vision for the future of Dental Select. Not only with the new Dental Select headquarters but with the future direction that they want to take the company.”

Chief Marketing Officer at Dental Select, Thomas Nehren was also very excited about the award.

“The Marketing Team got to help a lot with the design, which was exciting,” he said. “We knew conceptually that we wanted the space to be collaborative, open, modern and hip. This was before we had even rebranded, so we didn’t know what our logo or coloring change would be. We just knew what feel we were going for.”

After settling on a rebrand of “Cheeky Yellow” with a “Cheeky Grin” logo, Dental Select and Method worked closely to pick a space and design the new office.

“We drew inspiration from companies around the valley,” said Nehren. “We narrowed it down to two places and Method built a sample floor plan for each. Once we saw this one, it was a no-brainer.”

However, Method didn’t just help with the architecture and “big picture” layout. They also collaborated on the interior design. They put together mockups and recommendations to add the Cheeky Yellow throughout the floor.

“They [Method] really brought our branding to life,” said Nehren.

Dental Select’s popular yellow piping, known as the “zipper,” was originally going to be made of plexiglass but changed to piping due to budget constraints, and turned out to be a beautiful eye-grabbing asset to the office.

Once the layout was complete, with the help of Hendriksen/Butler Office Furniture to select fabric, pillows, wood and all the little details that make this office feel like home to its employees.

“It was a very integrated process. We had people from the architecture team, the home team and the furniture team all working together to help make sure everything was decided and planned as a whole,” said Nehren. “That way all the elements aligned. “

CEO Brent Williams is extremely proud of all the work that went into the de-sign and thrilled with the outcome.

“This was a team effort by all involved. This facility makes me proud—every time I walk in or take someone on a tour. It has become the foundation of our cultural evolution and a beacon for the amazing things we have planned in our future.”