Power in Simplicity

May 16, 2019

When it comes to working with our sales team, Vice President of Sales, Jeff Van Leeuwen likes to keep things simple.

“Be simple. Be easier to work with—make their [Brokers] lives simpler,” he said. “If we can make a broker’s life easier, then they’re gonna write more business for us—it’s that simple.”

Van Leeuwen talked about the importance of preventing issues within business.

“There will always be errors that arise from time to time,” said Van Leeuwen. “But what matters the most, is how quickly and confidently we can resolve those issues—that’s how we’re measured.”

Given that some brokers track the amount of customer service hours they spend on any particular group, a broker could look at their book of business and see that a particular company has 22% of their business, but 28% customer service time was spent resolving that company’s issues. In that instance, they could determine that they have too much of that company’s business. But, if they have 22% business and only 16% customer service time towards that group, they will easily write more business with that company.

“We are anxiously engaged in getting enrollment platforms, like ‘Employee Navigator’ to better serve our brokers,” he said. “Again, we just want to make their lives easier.”

Employee Navigator is benefits HR and compliance software for brokers and their clients. With Employee Navigator, brokers can now offer their clients a single solution to manage everything from benefits administration to on-boarding and PTO & vacation tracking. Dental Select is planning to have EN available to Brokers between late third and early fourth quarter.

Dental Select is continuing to grow and therefore the sales team added two new representatives in Texas: Corpus Christi and Houston. With the addition of these new reps., Dental Select’s membership in Texas has caught up to their home state of Utah.

With the number of states Dental Select is active in, simplifying the broker engagement process helps support business and growth across the country.

The Dental Select software team has also been working on new portals and an App to streamline broker tools and support them with state of the art proprietary technology.

The new portals and the mobile app are sprung from our new core: Passport. The portals will allow brokers to have immediate access to their group’s profiles when doing in-person visits, and providing them with valuable on-the-spot and real-time group data to quickly answer any questions. This feature is highly beneficial for a broker and their admin by reducing the amount of research needed prior to an appointment with the group administrator or company owner.

“They can pull up their client account on their tablet and see what they have in premium with us, what their commissions are—they can see which groups are coming up for renewal in the next 120 days and then pull the renewal for any particular one,” said Van Leeuwen.

Dental Select is moving forward to match our society’s expectation for on-demand information. The hope is to simply reduce the lag between needing information and receiving information, and reduce the number of customer care calls by allowing members and brokers to access more information on their own, 24/7.

Dental Select continues to make technology enhancements to simplify business with their customers. In late march, they launched an entirely new website with easier navigation, expanded sales content and a new, more contemporary design. Therefore, this new portal system and mobile app is just another step to a much more tech-savvy business.