How to Make Changes to Your IDP Plan

March 15, 2021

Each year, we review the efficiency and cost controls of every dental plan so that we can continue to provide simplified benefits, exceptional service and affordable dental care for everyone. And during this annual renewal period, you may request changes to your individual dental plan (IDP). If you aren’t sure when your renewal date is, it’s roughly 12 months (depending on what time of the month you enrolled) from your effective date, which can be found on your policy.  


Renewal Date refers to the date each calendar year that the coverage issued under this policy is considered for renewal. The Renewal Date is shown on the policy cover. 


After this period, plan changes can only be accepted with a qualifying event. A qualifying event includes marriage, divorce or legal separation, birth or adoption of child, death of insured, loss of coverage or loss of employment or new employment. For more information on qualifying events, you can click here 


Making IDP Plan Changes 

To make plan changes, first check out what we have to offer. With Dental Select, we have a variety of plans that can be flexible to your budget and dental needs and you can see them in the IDP member section hereIf you would like to continue with changes, it can be done in a few easy steps before your billing draft date: 


  1. Locate and download the Individual & Family Plan Change Form (open) PDF download. 
  2. Complete the form.  
  3. Mail or fax it using the supplied contact information below 


Dental Select (Attn: Eligibility)  

75 W Towne Ridge Pkwy Tower 2, Suite 500 

Sandy, UT 84070  

Fax: (801) 290-5104

Toll Free Fax: (888) 998-8711 


Billing Changes 

If you need to make a payment update to your billing info, you can click here to fill out the online form. Payments are drafted on or around the 15th of each month for the following month’s premium.  


Note: When changing from a Co-Pay or Co-Insurance plan, an individual who has had at least 12 continuous months of coverage on a previous Dental Select Co-Pay or Co-Insurance plan may have up to 12 months of waiting periods waived for Basic and Major services. This applies only if there has not been more than 61 days gap in coverage between the previous Dental Select policy and the new individual policy. No waiting periods will be waived for Orthodontic services. Dental Discount Plans, where available by state, do not contain any waiting periods.