Unlimited Maximum

Now Serving Unlimited Maximums

September 22, 2017

Unlimited maximums. Almost as good as unlimited pancakes.

Dental plans will typically include an annual maximum. Members expect that inevitability. And no surprises here; it’s pretty standard in the industry. But we’re not looking to offer the standard experience. We want to offer plan options that give our members the flexibility they are looking for.

Introducing the Unlimited Maximum option: with no annual maximum benefit limits1 , employee members can be confident they will have the coverage they are looking for. And we’re not talking about discount plans, we’re talking about fully-insured co-insurance plans. By taking the complexity out of the equation, members can forget about tracking their maximums and feel comfortable using their plan benefits when they need them.

So go ahead, tell your clients to look no further. Unlimited Maximums are available in most states. Get a quote for your clients today by emailing quotes@dentalselect.com.

*Unlimited Maximum benefits are not available for orthodontia services, which have a $1,000 lifetime maximum.
Plans are not available in all states.