Preventive Care

Eye doctors perform various tests to thoroughly examine your eye and gain perspective on your overall health. Some parts of the exam are only to look at your vision, while other tests can actually determine serious health conditions; therefore, it is recommended to see your eye care provider once year, unless otherwise directed.

The Importance of Vision Health

Getting Started Early

Eye exams are an important element to a child’s well-being. The recommended age to see a vision provider is by the age of one. Because children learn visually, undiagnosed eye problems can lead to behavioral and performance problems.  One in four school-aged children have a vision problem that interferes with learning in some way. The sooner children start seeing an eye expert, the sooner they can receive proper vision correction or therapy if needed. It’s important to know, that standard school vision screenings do not provide the same services that a comprehensive eye exam does.

Children’s Vision

Value in Your Vision Plan

Choosing to have vision benefits is the smart, affordable way to protect your eyes. We know that eye services and materials can be costly, which is why we offer affordable, low rates with discounts on services to make sure you and your family can get the vision care you need. Receive discounts on additional eye-wear purchases, lens options, out of pocket amounts and LASIK or PRK corrective surgery. For more information, specific to your employer’s vision plan, talk to your benefit representative today.

Adult Vision Health

More than 120 million adults are affected by some kind of eye problem. It is recommended that all adults have a comprehensive eye exam every year. An eye exam can spot early signs of conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. With proper care and regular check-ups, you are protecting more than just your eye sight, you are managing your overall health. Think you may have a vision problem? Click here to take this self-test while you wait for your next vision check-up.

Vision Self-Test

Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

  • Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam, each year.
  • Eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Wear protective eye-wear.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Practice workplace eye safety.
  • Give your eyes plenty of rest.

Stare at a computer most of the day? Read more tips to take care of your eyes.

Healthy Eye Tips

Understanding Vision

We understand that insurance lingo doesn’t always make sense and we want your vision benefits to be clear as crystal before you sign up. Check out answers to commonly asked questions and explanations of key vision terms.

Vision FAQ’s

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