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Dental Select started with a simple discount program back in 1989. Individual plans have been part of our product line ever since. We are a company passionate about our countries oral health and want to make insurance for dental care affordable and available to families across the United States.

We specialize in administering dental benefit programs in more than 46 states. And, members have the convenience of a national provider network with over 360,000 access points.

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No annual maximums and short waiting periods along with fixed co-payments make this insured plan a great option for younger families who are prevention focused. Available in Utah and Texas only.

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Coinsurance Plus

All of the benefits of our Coinsurance plan, plus shorter waiting periods and lower annual deductibles. Also includes a 50% orthodontic benefit for children aged 18 and under.

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The Coinsurance plan offers families the best coverage levels for both in and out-of-network services. Available in 46 states with access to dentists across the nation.

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Customer Reviews

My experience with Dental Select could not have been more pleasant. Their customer service team were patient, understanding and very helpful. From keeping checkups and cleanings affordable for my family, to just explaining what the various forms and paperwork is for, Dental Select has done a great job.

— Steffinee

I had to make two calls to Dental Select. This was due to issues that my kids’ out of state dentist had caused. They resolved the issues very quickly and were very professional in handling of the matters. I spent less than a total of 10 minutes on the phone with them. This company is great.

— Marshall

Five stars just because I’ve never had an issue with them! After so many terrible experiences with our health insurance, I’m so grateful that I’ve never had to even make a phone call to Dental Select. They just process all our claims and I don’t have to worry about it.

— Michelle

They have excellent benefits and just about every dental office in my area accepts the insurance. When you call customer service they are super courteous and take the time to answer every question you have.

— VaLyssia

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Dental Select has you covered with a network of over 360,000 access points nationwide, meaning quality and affordable dental care is just around the corner. Find a dentist or specialist near you.

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