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How To Save Electronic ID Cards

Did you know that Dental Select offers the convenience of electronic ID cards for our members? You likely have already encountered your patients bringing in ID cards on their Smartphones. Now what do you do? We understand that your office may still need a physical copy. In efforts to keep things simple for our member and your patient, we recommend using the share feature. So if your office needs a physical copy, the patient can easily email their ID card to you from our app.

Here’s how it works. Simply ask your patient to follow these steps:

1. Open the Dental Select Mobile ID app
2. Click “Share”
3. Enter the email address of your office

Feel free to copy these instructions for your staff for quick reference.

5 Reasons to Get to Know Your Dental Insurance Agency

At Dental Select, we aren’t your typical insurance agency because we put our partnerships first. We are always looking for ways to strengthen our relationships with dental providers. It’s not uncommon for dental agencies to work against providers, forcing the patient to become the “middle person”.

We strive to keep communication direct and processes aligned, with a goal of keeping our members out of the middle. By using our services and learning about what Dental Select can offer, we can work together to better your business while keeping patients happy. If you haven’t taken a moment to familiarize yourself with us lately, check out our top 5 reasons to get to know us better.


1. It’s all about relationships.

Positive relationships are key for enhancing business. Building a strong relationship with us, your dental agency, will lead to greater transparency and flexibility for your patient. With this strong foundation, you can ultimately maximize care for each customer.

2. Let’s work together.

Together we can educate patients on how to use each other’s services to get the best experience. This could be anything from understanding their balance or benefits, or how to request a pre-determination. When insurance companies and providers use each other’s capabilities to collaborate, trust and a higher quality of care is achieved.

3. Go ahead – take advantage of our services.

We have a dedicated provider relations team, who works solely with our providers. Representatives are available during business hours to give you information on how we do business, or answer any questions you may have.

4. Help us, help you.

Communication is a two-way street that we take seriously. We strongly encourage provider feedback as we are looking for ways to better serve you and your practice. Any input we receive, will be responded to promptly, and if necessary, changes will be implemented. Our goal is to give you and our patients, the best experience possible.

5. Happy patient, happy member.

What do you get when you combine a great dental visit with an easy insurance experience? A happy customer. And that’s what we hope to achieve. Together, we can work side-by-side to bring more positive customer experiences, keeping patients and members more than satisfied.

Simplified Benefits Are Coming

Dental Select CEO, Brent Williams, joined a panel of healthcare luminaries to discuss a wide variety of health and wellness issues on Monday, October 17th, for the 2016 Utah Business Healthcare Roundtable.

This year’s roundtable was hosted by Holland & Hart and moderated by Dave Gessel, who is the Executive Vice President for the Utah Hospital Association. Multiple items were discussed, including the topic of educating the public about health insurance.

“People put more research into buying a mobile phone than they will into healthcare,” Williams said. “Which one do you think will be more important in their lifetime?”

Williams went on to add, “It really all comes back to education. We have an obligation to help the public understand what is available to them.”

To that end, Dental Select has been working on various projects and initiatives to help educate its members, groups, brokers, and providers. With a goal of simplifying plan designs, as well as becoming more transparent with the information, Dental Select aims to help all clients make the best possible decision for their health. While other insurance companies may have forgot or lost sight of why they exist, Dental Select’s mantra is to simplify and educate one’s way to better health.

With that in mind, and recognizing that simple and easy-to-use technology is crucial to the user experience, Dental Select announced the roll out of their new benefits and claims management system – launching in 2017. The new, enhanced system, along with the Dental Select smartphone app, will feature a complete redesign of the web portal, making it easier for members to enroll, view claims, and review invoices, all in the convenience of one location.

For regular updates, continue to check your inbox and for more information.

Dentists: 5 Reasons Why We Recommend EDI 


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of data between a provider’s office and Dental Select. With a multitude of reasons of why, many providers have already made the switch. So have you considered submitting your claims electronically? Here are five reasons why we recommend EDI for your practice.

  1. 1. You will get paid faster. Using EDI improves processing speeds. It’s fast. And a shorter turnaround time means faster payments. In fact, you can expect your reimbursement payments in as little as a week and up to 15 days.
  2. 2. It’s easy. Say goodbye to mailing paper claims and manual tracking, EDI makes submitting and processing claims simple. You can actually send and receive electronic documents in minutes, rather than days. And because everything is a cloud-based system, you can access and check on your claims anytime you want.
  3. 3. You actually save money. EDI reduces expenses associated with paper, postage and labor costs, while allowing you to speed up your revenue cycle. It also increases your office’s efficiency. And less time spent doing administrative work means more time with patients.
  4. 4. Minimize claims denials. EDI makes claims more accurate and denials less of a worry. It processes everything, including attachments, instantly. Without worrying about missing information and less errors, your claims have a greater chance to process correctly the first time.
  5. 5. It’s painless to get started. Do you have a computer, internet connection, and billing software? Yes! That’s all you need to begin.


Read more about EDI here.