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Dental Select Hires New Sales Executive for Texas and Oklahoma

Dental Select is excited to introduce Jessica Smith, our new Sales Executive for the Dallas-Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and West Texas areas.

Jessica graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in December of 2008. After receiving her diploma as an Aggie, Jessica began her career in the insurance industry in January of 2009.

Over the past eight and half years, Jessica has worked in both insurance sales and account management, bringing a great deal of knowledge and expertise to our sales team. She is very excited to begin her journey with Dental Select.

Jessica is married to her high school sweetheart Brett Smith, and together they live in Lewisville, Texas with their two dogs, Brynne and Cooper. In their free time, Brett and Jessica love to travel and enjoy trying out new restaurants.

If you need to contact Jessica, you can reach her by email at and by phone at 972-922-2466.

Dental Select Hires New Sales Executive for State of Utah

Dental Select is excited to introduce Stephanie Fitzgarrald as a new Sales Executive. Alongside Jared Tuia, she will be serving various clients throughout the Utah market.

Stephanie has worked in various roles over the past 11 years, with a strong focus in account management. She brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise to our sales team. In addition, Stephanie also has been working part-time during the past seven years at HealthEquity in their member services department.

In her free time outside of the office, Stephanie trains in Muay Thai kickboxing, loves all things soccer related, and is an avid shopper.

If you need to contact Stephanie, you can reach her by email at and by phone at 801-500-6080.

Dental Select

Brokers: 10 Reasons to Choose Dental Select

As an insurance broker, we know you have many options when it comes to choosing a carrier. So why choose us? That’s simple – we make selling easy. There are many reasons to recommend Dental Select to all your client groups.

Here are 10 of them:

1. Large nationwide network. With over 200,000 access points to choose from, Dental Select has one of the largest nationwide networks. This means less provider disruption and more in-network coverage.

2. Flexible plan designs. We believe in choices. One of our unique offerings includes a $5,000 annual maximum for down to two lives. Learn more about our plan options here.

3. Pick your commissions. What would you like your percentage to be? Let us know and we’ll build it in for you.

4. Flexible effective dates. We work around your client groups. They can choose mid-month dates and they can also tie it to a medical renewal.

5. Automatic maximum benefit increases. Also known as Max Rewards, this feature is included with co-insurance plans for no additional cost. For groups of 10 or more enrolled, increasing max benefits will accumulate to $2,000 automatically.

6. Discount Vision plan included. With every dental plan, new or renewal, discount vision is included for no additional premium. The EyeMed vision care network will give members access to discounts at more than 22,000 locations nationwide.

7. Groups as low as 2. Have a group with little participation? Dental Select can handle that. We require only two lives for voluntary co-pay groups. And groups over 20 only need five lives to participate. For voluntary groups, there are no participation requirements.

8. Exceptional, personal service. We care about each of our group’s experiences. As a leader in the benefit industry, we think differently. Our goal is to provide exceptional solutions for customers, partners, and consumers. So when your client needs something, we will do what it takes to address their needs in a quick, efficient manner.

9. Competitive rates and plans. With affordable rates and flexible benefits, our plans are consistently competitive on all industries. Some appealing aspects include: Our contributory rates are available at a deep discount for just 50% of employee only contribution; our co-pay plans include positive elements of what a DHMO plan offers, while eliminating the worst – at a comparable price point; we are the only scheduled plan that offers an out of network payment; we have street rates available for up to 100 lives; and we are not on every competitor’s spreadsheet, which allows you a product and price differentiator.

10. Nationwide plans available. You may know how great our plans are in your area, but did you know we have competitive plans available across the country? Currently, we offer dental plans in 44 states and vision plans in 30 states – and we aren’t done yet. Dental Select is continually adding plans across the country.

Renewal Rate

Take Control of Your Group Renewals

Customized Group Renewal Rate Options

Renewals can take a lot of time. We know spending time negotiating with the insurance carrier for each group can be overwhelming. We want to help. Dental Select will soon be including customized rate adjustment options in each monthly group renewal.

What You Can Expect to See

Currently, the renewal format you receive includes both the existing and renewal rates within the same single page letter. But the new format will first include a letter with general instructions about who to contact should you want to make any rate adjustments. On the second page, you will see current and renewal rates, plan modification options with rates and if applicable, a review of MaxRewards levels.

Not every dental group will receive plan modifications. Based on standard underwriting guidelines, options will be shown to either offer ways to decrease monthly rates or increase employee benefits. If a group does not qualify for these options, only the standard renewal rates will be displayed. Vision only groups will not receive plan modification options at this time. Both the broker and the group will receive the same renewal information.

By including this new information, Dental Select expects to give our brokers the power to work with their client more effectively. Rather than going back and forth with us to negotiate rate adjustment, our brokers can now discuss reasonable options with their clients first. This is just one more way we are making it easier to do business with Dental Select.

Look here for a sample. For additional questions, please contact your Dental Select Sales Representative.


Term changes

Now Accepting Changes Via Email

Brokers, Go Ahead – Send Changes and Terminations Via Email.

Don’t like filling out forms? We don’t either. That’s why we’re now accepting policy terminations and demographic changes via email. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Insurance can already be difficult enough, it shouldn’t be difficult to send us a quick change. We listened to your feedback and want to keep striving to make business as simple and stress-free as possible.


Emailed Changes Should Include the Following Information

1. Email us at

2. For terminations, include:
• Member Name
• Member ID Number
• Group ID Number
• Term Date
• Qualifying reason for Term

3. For demographic changes, such as address, name change due marital status or misspelling, or D/O/B change, please include:
• Member Name
• Member ID Number
• Detailed change request
• Reason for the change


You will receive an automated response confirming we have received your request. Changes will be reflected within seven days. Still prefer to use the form? That’s ok. We will still accept it this way too.

Agents: No Individual Plan Link Yet? Why You Are Missing Out.

Individual plan links are an easy way to earn credit towards commissions. They are simple to set up and effortless to manage. So if you aren’t taking advantage of this convenient tool to expand your clientele, here’s why you should be.

Our individual plans are a perfect match for part-time employees, retirees or students that may not have benefits. When contacting prospects, you could easily be directing them to your own Dental Select Individual link. Then, leave the rest to us. And as a bonus, your clients will enjoy affordable premiums and exceptional customer service all backed with our national provider network.

So how does it work? First, an Individual link is customized for your business. When you embed it in your email or place on your website, your contacts will be directed to our Individual plans. Once they enroll, you automatically get credit. Ready to get started?

1. Request your link by visiting and completing the request form.

2. Next, after receiving your link you can start sharing with prospects. This can be sent via email or by posting on your website.

3. When prospects use your link, they will be directed to Dental Select’s Individual plan section on our website. Based on zip code, they will only see plans available to them.

4. Next, when they enroll, your name and agent ID will automatically be populated.

5. You will receive credit towards commissions after they complete the enrollment process.

5 Reasons to Get to Know Your Dental Insurance Agency

At Dental Select, we aren’t your typical insurance agency because we put our partnerships first. We are always looking for ways to strengthen our relationships with dental providers. It’s not uncommon for dental agencies to work against providers, forcing the patient to become the “middle person”.

We strive to keep communication direct and processes aligned, with a goal of keeping our members out of the middle. By using our services and learning about what Dental Select can offer, we can work together to better your business while keeping patients happy. If you haven’t taken a moment to familiarize yourself with us lately, check out our top 5 reasons to get to know us better.


1. It’s all about relationships.

Positive relationships are key for enhancing business. Building a strong relationship with us, your dental agency, will lead to greater transparency and flexibility for your patient. With this strong foundation, you can ultimately maximize care for each customer.

2. Let’s work together.

Together we can educate patients on how to use each other’s services to get the best experience. This could be anything from understanding their balance or benefits, or how to request a pre-determination. When insurance companies and providers use each other’s capabilities to collaborate, trust and a higher quality of care is achieved.

3. Go ahead – take advantage of our services.

We have a dedicated provider relations team, who works solely with our providers. Representatives are available during business hours to give you information on how we do business, or answer any questions you may have.

4. Help us, help you.

Communication is a two-way street that we take seriously. We strongly encourage provider feedback as we are looking for ways to better serve you and your practice. Any input we receive, will be responded to promptly, and if necessary, changes will be implemented. Our goal is to give you and our patients, the best experience possible.

5. Happy patient, happy member.

What do you get when you combine a great dental visit with an easy insurance experience? A happy customer. And that’s what we hope to achieve. Together, we can work side-by-side to bring more positive customer experiences, keeping patients and members more than satisfied.

Get a Quote in As Little As 48 Hours

Requesting a quote for clients is quick and easy. Whether it be for an existing or new group, we always want to provide the best quote possible. That’s why we aim for fast quote turnarounds with competitive pricing and flexible benefits. Want to find out what we can offer? Here’s how to get started:


1. Email a request to


2. With your request, we ask that you include the following:

– A census

– A current summary of benefits

– Current and renewal rates

– Premium and claims experience (for groups that have 100 or more enrolled)

– A bill

– A desired due date for your quote

– Requested effective date

– Any benefit requests

– Requested commission


3. For virgin groups with no prior coverage, please send the following:

– Name of group

– Group address

– A desired due date for your quote

– Requested effective date

– Any benefit requests

– Requested commission


4. Assuming sufficient information is submitted in your request, you can then expect to receive your quote within 48 hours for a small group (less than 100) or 72 hours for a large group (100+).


Ready to get started? Click here to email us a request. Be aware that we usually prioritize by due date of the request and timing also fluctuates slightly with the workload. If you need more information, please reach out to your Dental Select sales executive or account manager.


Individual Plan Pricing Model Updates In Progress

As part of our yearly updates, Individual plan pricing is being revised to an age-banded model. Under this new format, rates are adjusted according to the age of the subscriber and thereby better reflect the expected utilization of the consumer.

Pricing will be based on the age of the subscriber in the following age ranges 0-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, and 65+. A set dollar amount will then be added to the subscriber rate when a spouse and/or other eligible dependent is added to the plan.

The pricing model updates are already in place for new Utah subscribers. The remaining 30+ states in which Dental Select offers individual plans will be revised in the coming months. All current individual plan subscribers and their dependents will be reviewed upon their anniversary date.

With this recent change, any printed individual plan rate documents are now obsolete. Please refer to our website for current pricing and plan details. These updates will not affect custom individual plan web page links you may have on your website.  For questions, contact your Dental Select Sales or Account Administration representative.

Simplified Benefits Are Coming

Dental Select CEO, Brent Williams, joined a panel of healthcare luminaries to discuss a wide variety of health and wellness issues on Monday, October 17th, for the 2016 Utah Business Healthcare Roundtable.

This year’s roundtable was hosted by Holland & Hart and moderated by Dave Gessel, who is the Executive Vice President for the Utah Hospital Association. Multiple items were discussed, including the topic of educating the public about health insurance.

“People put more research into buying a mobile phone than they will into healthcare,” Williams said. “Which one do you think will be more important in their lifetime?”

Williams went on to add, “It really all comes back to education. We have an obligation to help the public understand what is available to them.”

To that end, Dental Select has been working on various projects and initiatives to help educate its members, groups, brokers, and providers. With a goal of simplifying plan designs, as well as becoming more transparent with the information, Dental Select aims to help all clients make the best possible decision for their health. While other insurance companies may have forgot or lost sight of why they exist, Dental Select’s mantra is to simplify and educate one’s way to better health.

With that in mind, and recognizing that simple and easy-to-use technology is crucial to the user experience, Dental Select announced the roll out of their new benefits and claims management system – launching in 2017. The new, enhanced system, along with the Dental Select smartphone app, will feature a complete redesign of the web portal, making it easier for members to enroll, view claims, and review invoices, all in the convenience of one location.

For regular updates, continue to check your inbox and for more information.